If you have missed this little gem you may have to wait until DVD. It got 2 weeks at the cinema I work at. Only 2 weeks. Indiana Jones has been on the “No Free Tickets” list for 2 weeks. Anyway, if you managed to catch the oddly titled Leatherheads you’ll know what I’m talking about, great wasn’t it? 

THE SET UP? Its 1925 and WW1 war hero Carter Rutherford (Krasinski) is rocketing to fame via college football. However with the professional game in a shambles it looks like his career will end when he graduates. Professional player and entrepreneur Jimmy ‘Dodge’ Connelly (Clooney) is trying to save the dying game and decides to somehow get the young star Rutherford to play in his team. Meanwhile reporter Lexi Littleton (Zellweger) has been commissioned to write an expose on Rutherford to discover the truth about his so-claimed WW1 heroics. In classic Hollywood style a love triangle develops between the three and so ensues a delightful romp.



George Clooney – Dodge. He was great, without a doubt channelling the Hollywood leading men of yester-year (Cary Grant, Clark Gable etc). He does seem at times a little distracted – probably because he’s directing the piece at the same time.

Renee Zellweger – Lexi. She was gorgeous. A perfect leading lady opposite Clooney’s Dodge. The two have a winning chemistry that is just right for this kind of piece – not a sultry but a classic Hollywood love story.

John Krasinski– Carter Rutherford. Sigh. – A good sigh. I can’t really speak objectively here as I’m kind of in love with Jim from The Office. But his performance was good. He’s most definitely the 3rd player in thispiece and he knows it. Actually I’d go as far as to say he was the best in the film. Too bad he wasn’t discovered in the classic Hollywood era (too bad he wasn’t born then too). 

Jonathan Price is worth a mention too. He plays Rutherford’s manager. Typecast, again, as the rotten scoundrel who never had pure intentions, but he does it so well. 



Its just a fun film. A new film that really adheres to now-dead conventions, dialogue and shots. But that makes it rather brilliant. It’s like your watching a 1950’s or earlier film with actors you recognise because they were in Batman or Bridget Jones or License to Wed. Its just a cute piece, safe for the whole family and fun. 


WHO SHOULD YOU SEE IT WITH? Anyone. Its really totally “safe”. Young kids probably won’t enjoy it so much basically coz the themes will go over their heads but there’s nothing unsavory at all.





or “Honour” if you’re australian.

This was a mistake. But the thing was I knew that going in. I’ll blame it all on Laura who wanted to see this over Leatherheads (no matter, I’ll see that one today).


Tom and Hannah have been friends ever since Tom accidently “dry-humped” her at a college party (you won’t get that info in the trailer). But besides that rather intimate first meet the two developed a platonic friendship based on honesty! In the mean time Tom gets his “intimate-fix” from a barrage of girls who abide by his complex system of rules.

Hannah heads off to Scotland on business and while she is away Tom realises that Hannah is the girl for him. He plans to reveal his newly found affections when Hannah returns. But Hannah returns with a fiance!

Tom is asked to be the maid of honour! His buddies convince him its a good idea as he’s got a better chance of breaking up the wedding from the inside and here begins the trials of Patrick Dempsey as the maid of honour pursing the bride.

(that took a lot longer to explain than i expected – or than it deserves really).



Mc Dreamy – his typecast character continues.

Michelle Monaghan – Hannah. Ever since Kiss Kiss Bang Bang I’ve loved Monaghan. She’s a breath of fresh air and she is good in this.

Kevin McKidd – the Scotsman fiance. Underwritten part – but he plays within his small confines well.

I better also mention Sydney Pollack who sadly passed away (in real life) the other week. Fantastic director, of one of my favourites actually, Sabrina. Oh! In this he plays, Tom’s serial marrying father. 


You probably shouldn’t.

Acting is barely on par.

Script is woeful. 

Oh, on second thoughts, girls, take your mother. If she’s anything like mine, she’ll love it and you’ll get to hang out together.


ANY BITS? Ummm… thunder beads??? – Could have done without that bit. Its more your M-MA romantic comedy than your PG-M rom com, if you get my drift.

THIS FILM GETS 2 GOLD STARS – they belong to Monaghan.  


Coming out in just a few hours in Australia (FINALLY!!), I was fortunate enough to make it to an advanced screening last weekend. And having waited a long time for this film, it came out in the US Boxing Day 2006, I was expecting good things…. and I wasn’t disappointed.

THE SET UP? (NB: Possible spoiler alerts – but nothing more than is in the trailer.) Twenty-something Kitty still lives at home determined to not be persuaded into marriage by her family, before eventually she is. Kitty marries Walter, a bacteriologist who is head-over-heels in lurve with her. She just wants to get away from her family. The couple move to Shang-hi (as all newly wed bacteriologists do) and it isn’t long before Kitty gets distracted and has an affair. When Walter finds out he volunteers his services to a cholera-infested remote town deep in China. Kitty is dragged along. Do they forgive each other? Do either of them die? But the most important question, do they grow to love each other?



Naomi Watts plays Kitty. I have come to expect a lot from this gifted actor and she is great in this. However she didn’t really ‘hit the nail on the head’. But a fine performance. 

Edward Norton plays Walter. I’ve always kinda liked Norton’s work but now I have a new appreciation for his amazing acting abilities. He is splendid in this. The audience totally gets Walter, his personality, his character and why he’s doing what he’s doing. Just like Margaret, I never thought of Norton as a romantic lead but he pulls it off with excellence. 

I’d like to give next billing to Toby Jones, who plays Waddington, a fellow-Englishman stationed at the remote cholera-ridden village. This guy is a fine actor, who’s acting range is only limited by his physical stature. I really liked him in this. Hopefully he’ll get some more meaty roles!

Liev Schreiber plays the distraction (Charlie). I’m so immature, it makes me giggle to think that Naomi Watts and Schreiber play characters having an extramarital affair in this film and in real life they’ve been together since filming this and have a kid together! He he. Schreiber does the suave playboy thing well. Check out his directorial debut if you haven’t seen it already, Everything is Illuminated (3.5 GOLD STARS). 

Breathtaking cinematography. Well-spun dialogue. A beautiful, classic, old-fashioned narrative. And without giving terribly too much away – one of the best love stories I’ve seen in a film, ever. (Okay, that kind of gives everything away – but in my defence, no more than the distribution propaganda.)


WHO SHOULD YOU SEE IT WITH? Anyone really. I saw it with one of my best mates. Probably not your twenty-year old brother. But anyone else. Suggestions …. friends, partners, mothers. 

ANY BITS TO BE WORRIED ABOUT? From memory, I think some Chinese drugs and alcohol are involved, but, phhf! Oh, and the mild sexual activity usually involved.


recapping on all the movies I saw and forgot* to review

*Forgot more refers to a lack of time for such activities as writing on goldstars, or a lack of motivation, or a …. wanting to do other things (I’ve kind of hit that wall I usually hit after doing something for a while – the new and exciting thing [goldstars] is losing its shininess and I’m getting a bit bored with it). 

ANYWAY – Here for you are some goldstar mini reviews, I’ll give you the title and one or two noteworthy points, and the gold star rating:

RUN FATBOY RUN (Comedy)Plots along like a typical mid-90’s romantic comedy with the charming and very british humour of Simon Pegg and Dylan Moran. 


 Feel free to ask for more… on this or any of the following “mini reviews”



A well crafted documentary on one of the greatest song writers of the 20th century.  Though the vision switching in the concert scenes was very amateurish.




Adam Brooks tries to do a new take on a well-worn story we all know by heart – he kinda succeeds – at a pinch. A great movie to see to learn how NOT to focus pull (in one scene the focus is pulled correctly to the CHEST area of the female actor framed in a mid shot while her face is left somewhat fuzzy – Marita and I couldn’t stop laughing).



DEATH DEFYING ACTS (romance/drama)

I was fortunate enough to see this film with an introduction by its Australian director, Gillian Armstrong.  And I hope I am not tainted by that when I suggest that this film was well acted – Pearce is exceptional – and the narrative is warmly engaging and is nicely reminiscent of Armstrong’s other work.



Science des reves, La (or less fancily) SCIENCE OF SLEEP  (niche comedy)

My favourite director pulls another one out of his hat (of weirdness). Needs a few viewings, but if you’re a fan of Gondry’s other work, especially Eternal Sunshine (…) you’ll fall in love with this vision of obscurity and absurdity in the vein of a classic dream-like trance, as realised as only Gondry could.   




Hmm… Nicholson shows he’s still got the stuff. But using Freeman as narrator, surely this format is getting a bit weary. Oddly a feel good film despite (spoiler alert!) the death of both characters by the time the credits roll. Though I haven’t done any research to substantiate this claim I would assume that this film will be praised by Christian groups for its moral/family message. 



VANTAGE POINT (comedy/action)

 I feel director, Pete Travis would be horrified at my classification of his first feature film as comedy but laughter was the predominant reaction in the audience I saw this film with. Certainly a very different cinema experience – and therefore I am reluctant to bag it out – Vantage Point should help you appreciate coverage and the choices of directors, editors and DOPs (director of photography/cinematographer) more. 



THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL (period drama)A departure from history for the historically illiterate. Too harsh? Fine acting and a compelling script are this film’s strong points. Bana was slightly disappointing and the framing choices of director Justin Chadwick left me wondering (however they were imaginative). 




Gondry’s latest offering was anticipated by yours truly for a good 8 or so months so its final revelation (on my birthday I might add!) was a bit disappointing, however it was rather brilliant. You always expect more from the best. Possibly too much Jack Black but the creativity of Gondry continues to blow me away.  



HORTON HEARS A WHO!(children’s/comedy) 

A highly enjoyable cartoon with great voice talents. The comedy is drawn out of the original story by the Dr. creatively and smartly. The coupling of Carrey and Carell was swell casting. The homage to Japanese anime was a treat!



SEMI-PRO (comedy – Ferrell comedy) The highly anticipated (and publicised) next comedy from Will Ferrell & co was a disappointment, with the trailer showing its better parts. Not that I’m a swearing-nazi but there was a dramatic increase in the number of “curse words” used in this Ferrell film, and it therefore seemed to lack the creative writing and “wordsmithery” (if you will) of the likes of Anchorman or Talledega Nights 



Phew!!! Now I think I’m all up to date. From now on I’ll try and post a more substantial review (without going overboard). If you want additional info on any of the films listed PLEASE ask me.  


poster I had high expectations from seeing the trailer for this film months ago. It finally came out in Australia on Thursday and we went and saw it last night.

To say the film peaked at the trailer wouldn’t be an overstatement.

THE SET UP? Evan Taylor is eleven years old and he lives at a boys home in New York state. He doesn’t want to be placed with a family because he is waiting for his parents to find him, deep down he believes that they always wanted him. He stays sane in the face of rejection and bullying through music. He doesn’t have an ipod or anything but he finds music in everything, the wind, footsteps, etc etc. The audience soon learns the genesis of this budding music protege is his parents. A Juilliard trained classical cellist mother and a blue-collar irish rocker father. And their musical romance is a one-night-stand. Evan leaves the boys home and travels to New York to find his parents. The rest of the film is the journey of Evan, his mother and his father to finding each other, unsurprisingly, music is their guide.

Freddie Highmore is Evan Taylor (a.k.a August Rush). The London native does well in a near flawless American accent and few actors of his age are able to encapsulate pure joy as Highmore does in most of his roles, but excellently in August Rush. Surprisingly for a young actor, even if he is the central character, Highmore gets top billing and it is well deserved.
cellistKeri Russel plays Lyla Novacek, the cellist. I’ve had a girl-crush on Russel ever since Felicity. Just to look at her onscreen is a joy, but in this she actually pulls off the Juilliard trained cellist well. And in most parts, the seeking mother is well realised too. On a side note, there is something ridiculously sensual about cellists that I find totally alluring (in a 100% platonic way).
I wish I could say the same for Jonathan Rhys Meyers. (I’ve had the opposite of a crush on him since Bend it but I’m not letting that little thing get in the way of an objective assessment of his performance). Meyers falls short as the irish front man, Louis Connelly, and love interest to Russel’s character. Something about him seemed like it didn’t fit – a round peg in a square hole type situation. It seems Meyer’s is trying his best but it just isn’t working for him. I personally believe they needed a slightly more masculine ‘leading man’ opposite Russel’s sweetness. But Meyer’s isn’t the only mis-cast actor in this film.
Another is Robin Williams. Though I haven’t mentioned his character in the set up, Williams plays Wizard – a kind of Fagin (from Oliver Twist) who fosters Evan’s budding musical gift (for his own gain). Its kind of hard to express how Williams is a mis-cast here, but saying he is ‘faganesque’ would lead you to see my point.
Terrence Howard with his beautiful, dewey eyes plays the child services officer handling Lyla’s claim. Howard is not a mis-cast here and brings great depth to the amount of screen time awarded to his character.

fagan and oliver WHY YOU SHOULD SEE THIS FILM? As to be expected the music is rather spectacular. There is some likable rhythmic editing around the better musical pieces. The performances, with the exception of Howard, all lack something, the something is less in Russell and Highmore than others. The characters are developed but Highmore’s character in the middle and towards the end seems to clash with what the audience has learnt thus far about him. Also SPOILER ALERT the ending is too abrupt, as the audience we have journeyed with these characters as they seek to find truth through the whole film and the moment where they find each other is over practically before it begins.
Its not a must see, let me put it that way. But it is a rather cute fairy tale style story of love.

WHO SHOULD YOU SEE IT WITH? Preferably someone not like me, who will laugh inappropriately and snicker at the tragic lines.

one night thangANYTHING TO KNOW ABOUT? Not really. Although, just on a personal note, it bugged me how they totally romanticised and glorified what was a one-night-stand between Lyla and Louis. -But this is true to the fairy tale template.



posterThis was movie number two for Marita and I the other night, and after the mistake that was Jumper we thought anything would be better, we were mostly right.

THE SET UP? Benjamin is a treasure hunter married to Tess, they live in the Caribbean (Ben on their boat, Tess on her employer’s boat). Ben loves his wife, so its a shame she doesn’t feel the same way and at the beginning of the film Tess is in the process of finalising their divorce. Inevitably Ben, who has just found some information about a treasure the couple have been trying to find for almost ten years, arrives late for the court appointment so all assets are awarded to Tess. Ben sees the opportunity to win Tess back by telling her about the treasure he figures he’s almost found. Tess begrudgingly agrees to try and find it with him. What follows is a frolic around beautiful islands on Tess’ employers magnificent boat as the ex-couple try and find treasure and (you guessed it) salvage their love. They are helped and hindered by an entertaining supporting cast.

Matthew McConaughey plays Benjamin. Now ladies, we all know this guy can’t act, right? He has the capacity to play about one character…the same one in every film he does. He just continues to get gigs because he’s a bit of eye candy. Well, unfortunately he was unable to even serve that measly little function in this. argh!The hair…its just ghastly – with such sleazy and trashy connotations it was impossible to develop a crush on the character (don’t deny it ladies, that’s the only reason why he’s in this). And he spends too much of the film half naked. Yes we all know he has a gorgeous fake tan and must work out whenever he’s not “preparing” for his roles to sustain THAT torso, but I just couldn’t help thinking about what Stephen Merchant said on the Ricky Gervais Show on XFM (you’ll know what I mean if you’ve heard it).
Kate Hudson plays Tess. I’d really like to give this girl some credit, but I just can’t. Like her leading man, the promise the young Hudson of Almost Famous showed was quickly squandered with a barrage of bums-on-seats, pop-corn-crazy, studio-loved-up rom coms, and now she’s a one-character actor. She is far from her best rom com effort (funnily enough also co-starring McConaughey).
Donald Sutherland plays Tess’ employer, Nigel Honeycutt (who owns the magnificent boat they go treasure hunting in). He’s a charming old English man who is looking for some spark in his dull, over-indulged life. Sutherland is rather adorable in this, and brings some class to the film. His performance is far from oscar bait, but its probably the best of the film.
Alexis Dziena plays Gemma Honeycutt, Nigel’s Paris Hiltonesque daughter who happens to be visiting her father when the treasure hunt begins. She plays a bimbo almost too convincingly. Actually, Dziena is rather good in this (not that I’ve seen her in anything else).
Other cast members include Ewen Bremner (of Death at a Funeral “Listen, Martha…”), an undervalued Ray Winstone, and Kevin Hart who plays the (rapper) villain.

the beach> WHY SHOULD YOU SEE THIS FILM? Every now and then we all need a movie night that insults our intelligence. When that night comes around, this is a good one to see.

WHO SHOULD YOU SEE IT WITH? Anyone who is the same mood as you which should preferably be the one I described above.

ANY BITS TO KNOW OF? Nothing comes to mind, but I really don’t want to dwell on this film for too much longer, so let’s just say no. For specifics see here.


Valentines Day Films

heartAs a happily single girl I kind of see Valentines Day much the same way other “happily single” people see it…as a farce.

Talk to my now un-single friends and they’ll tell you how the day has special meaning. But if you’re un-single for long enough it becomes a farce again. Case in point: Asked dad what he was going to give mum (his wife for almost 28 years) for valentines day and he replied “That’s Sunday, isn’t it?”.

I was checking some emails and I stumbled upon what yahoo’s idea is of perfect valentines day movie fair. Furthermore they had a list of what were the worst valentines day (ie: anti-valentines) movies. Needless to say I was a little disappointed with the lists.

in the “Valentines Day Scrooge’s un-romantic Movie Guide” we have:

Closer – haven’t seen it…yet. Been thinking about it but yeah, also heard that its pretty full-on crude.
The Break-Up – well dah! I think the title would suggest that this film is not one to pick up to what with your honey unless you wanted to tell them something… Actually the film isn’t really un-romantic at all. In fact I give it gold stars for trying to hit some version of reality. Nice ending too – as expected but not saccharine.
unromanticFatal Attraction – haven’t seen it, and its from that era of decidedly bad American cinema so it is likely to remain unseen by me. If you liked it let me know! – Also the title doesn’t exactly scream “For richer or poorer” (more “Til Death” but we won’t go there).
The Shape of Things – haven’t seen it, although with Paul Rudd in it I may have to put it on my list of things to see.
Single White Female – Hey that’s me! – I already don’t like it. And haven’t seen it. The sequels called Single White Female 2: The Psycho.
The Opposite of Sex – haven’t seen it. Feel free to comment, infact DO comment if you think anything about any of these films.
Waiting to Exhale – haven’t seen it. Four women of a certain age sitting together laughing – I suppose you can guess why this is unromantic (looks like an African American version of First Wives Club).
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – What tha? Now, while this film isn’t your conventional love story it is definitely a love story – and the best kind of all – quirky, uncool, and unconventional. This is SO going on my romantic list. (I will review this film soon and to spoil the surprise its getting 4.75 Gold Stars).
Alexandra’s Project – never heard of it. Which is rather strange for me. Maybe its before my time. Looks Australian and therefore probably crap.

Now for Yahoo’s Romantic Fodder:
The Notebook – I could actually vomit- but then I’d get gunk all over the mac I’m wanting to sell. Well atleast it did bring two fine actors together and now they’re engaged…WHOOPS……Damn it! -I’ll have to buy a new keyboard.
Pretty Woman – how is this romantic? The acting alone-
Casablanca – as much as I love this super old school classic, its more an German (albeit Nazi) war propaganda film.
Music and Lyrics – I can’t write too much or I’ll vomit all over the-
The Holiday – Hooray for Hollywood! At last a relatively good and smart and well written rom com with the lovely Kate Winslet!
blah blahSleepless in Seattle – My mouth tastes all like salty and icky I’m starting to feel hungry but %$&%*&(* oh there I go again…I should really have a sick bag with me when I think about drivel like this.
The Lake House – okay, I must sadly and shamefully admit I kinda liked this one – no good excuses so I think I might just have to vomit on myself.
Pride and Prejudice (Wright version) – yes it is the Wright version and the right version! – As previously mentioned (a few times) on Gold stars I love this adaption. And when I get around to do a review on it you’ll see I have all the excuses in the world as to why this is worthy of your time (but maybe not on Valentines Day).
An Affair To Remember – Ooooh just the thought of the aging Cary Grant in this old classic and I’m gagging again. Haven’t seen it, although with a title like that, unless you’re up to what you shouldn’t be this valentines day I’d stay away from this one – although its a film from the era where gay meant happy so its probably safe. Then again I doubt my newlywed friends Bec and Geoff would hire out a film entitled A Gay Affair To Remember – no matter how innocent the content would be.

Well, whatever you’re doing tonight……I forgot what is supposed to come next.