poster INITIAL RANTING I have a confession to make, I really liked this film.Chances are you probably haven’t heard of it. It lasted about one week at Aussie cinemas and according to IMDB only grossed $14 mil in the US. I saw it for the second time on DVD the other night.I first heard of Hot Rod months before its release date here via the apple trailers page (which I highly recommend – especially if you’re on a mac coz they load so fast). It looked like a good goof-ball movie and sometimes they can be worthwhile so I looked out for it and managed to see it during its “limited” release. With next to no distributor promotion Hot Rod came and went without as much as a tv spot and when Dave and I saw the film we were the only 2 people in the theatre.But this is a seriously funny movie, well written (by a South Park heavy weight you probably haven’t heard of) and acted charmingly by a SNL guy and a deserving ensemble.

THE SET UP? Evil Kenevil wannabe Rod Kimble, supported by his “crew” (friends and a half-brother) attempts serious stunts that turn into jackass gold at every free moment. However when Rod finds out his step-dad is dying and needs a new heart they can’t afford (bloody American health care system) Rod endeavors to fight fight fight raise the money required for the surgery through pulling off a massive stunt. And the rest, as they say, is hilarious.However Rod isn’t just doing the stunt to purely save his step-dad, he wants his step-dad to be well so he can kick his ass in hand-to-hand combat — sounds like to stupidest thing ever, but trust me it totally works.


THE CAST? Andy Samberg is Rod Kimble. This guy kick-started his comedic career online, with Hod Rod’s director and the guy who plays his half-brother. From there the three were picked up by SNL. Samberg is adorable in this, he is so funny and obviously enjoys taking the piss out of himself and everything else – including Footloose.

Jorma Taccone plays Kevin Powell, Rod’s half-brother. He’s funny, but you can tell he’s not really an actor (he writes for SNL). But he sure can dance like a comedian – or maybe that’s how a writer dances.

Isla Fisher plays Denise the love interest in the film. Its one of those things where the girl thinks she’s just being a friend but the guy thinks its more and then eventually the girl falls for the guy. I don’t particularly like Fisher, even though she is an Aussie, but she serves her function in this picture.The wonderful

Sissy Spacek and Ian McShane plays Rod’s mother and step-father. McShane is particularly good.all american

WHY SHOULD YOU SEE THIS FILM? Because its good! And I doubt anyone else will tell you to see it because no one else has seen it. I do admit you do have to be a particular mood to enjoy its humor, preferably the same crowd you enjoyed Napoleon Dynamite with, but do see it! The writing and the way the film is edited, acted, and put together is gold! Oh and I won’t spoil the surprise but John Farnham’s 80’s anthem “You’re the Voice” is featured to radiant effect.

WHO SHOULD YOU SEE IT WITH? Mentioned above.

ANY BITS TO BE WORRIED ABOUT? Hmmm….let’s put it this way, if you found jackass’ milder slap-stick efforts (such as tropical pole vaulting or night pandas) offensive sit this one out, otherwise you’re sure to enjoy it – unless you’re my grandparents.



2 Responses

  1. bloody good observations jess!
    i reackon this flick is awesome, becasue its got such a simple theme, and yet such a trivial matter ends up making the movie even funnier!

  2. “Thats just a sample”

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