posterThis was movie number two for Marita and I the other night, and after the mistake that was Jumper we thought anything would be better, we were mostly right.

THE SET UP? Benjamin is a treasure hunter married to Tess, they live in the Caribbean (Ben on their boat, Tess on her employer’s boat). Ben loves his wife, so its a shame she doesn’t feel the same way and at the beginning of the film Tess is in the process of finalising their divorce. Inevitably Ben, who has just found some information about a treasure the couple have been trying to find for almost ten years, arrives late for the court appointment so all assets are awarded to Tess. Ben sees the opportunity to win Tess back by telling her about the treasure he figures he’s almost found. Tess begrudgingly agrees to try and find it with him. What follows is a frolic around beautiful islands on Tess’ employers magnificent boat as the ex-couple try and find treasure and (you guessed it) salvage their love. They are helped and hindered by an entertaining supporting cast.

Matthew McConaughey plays Benjamin. Now ladies, we all know this guy can’t act, right? He has the capacity to play about one character…the same one in every film he does. He just continues to get gigs because he’s a bit of eye candy. Well, unfortunately he was unable to even serve that measly little function in this. argh!The hair…its just ghastly – with such sleazy and trashy connotations it was impossible to develop a crush on the character (don’t deny it ladies, that’s the only reason why he’s in this). And he spends too much of the film half naked. Yes we all know he has a gorgeous fake tan and must work out whenever he’s not “preparing” for his roles to sustain THAT torso, but I just couldn’t help thinking about what Stephen Merchant said on the Ricky Gervais Show on XFM (you’ll know what I mean if you’ve heard it).
Kate Hudson plays Tess. I’d really like to give this girl some credit, but I just can’t. Like her leading man, the promise the young Hudson of Almost Famous showed was quickly squandered with a barrage of bums-on-seats, pop-corn-crazy, studio-loved-up rom coms, and now she’s a one-character actor. She is far from her best rom com effort (funnily enough also co-starring McConaughey).
Donald Sutherland plays Tess’ employer, Nigel Honeycutt (who owns the magnificent boat they go treasure hunting in). He’s a charming old English man who is looking for some spark in his dull, over-indulged life. Sutherland is rather adorable in this, and brings some class to the film. His performance is far from oscar bait, but its probably the best of the film.
Alexis Dziena plays Gemma Honeycutt, Nigel’s Paris Hiltonesque daughter who happens to be visiting her father when the treasure hunt begins. She plays a bimbo almost too convincingly. Actually, Dziena is rather good in this (not that I’ve seen her in anything else).
Other cast members include Ewen Bremner (of Death at a Funeral “Listen, Martha…”), an undervalued Ray Winstone, and Kevin Hart who plays the (rapper) villain.

the beach> WHY SHOULD YOU SEE THIS FILM? Every now and then we all need a movie night that insults our intelligence. When that night comes around, this is a good one to see.

WHO SHOULD YOU SEE IT WITH? Anyone who is the same mood as you which should preferably be the one I described above.

ANY BITS TO KNOW OF? Nothing comes to mind, but I really don’t want to dwell on this film for too much longer, so let’s just say no. For specifics see here.



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