more on Good vs Evil Versus Good vs Bad PART 2/3

posterThough I will be careful not to indulge in the “Will Ferrel and Vince Vaughn” comedies (which I sincerely can’t stand), I don’t mind when the film’s more questionable attributes are a reflection of what I come across every day. Especially if the story as a whole does not condone those specific actions.” –Christina. I like Christina’s comment here; to start with she’s identified that Will Ferrel and Vince Vaughn comedies should be avoided (although for other reasons) – which is true, they are mostly really badly made and just atrocious. But I find puzzling her use of the word “indulge”…
On her final point, though, I find comfort – a Focus on the Family subscriber refusing to read in black and white.

Eugene had this to say “Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, if anything is excellent or praise worthy, think about such things.” When you have this in mind, the movies out in the theaters today fall well short of what God desires for us to fill our minds with.” Hmm… So much to pull apart from this comment (Please do the same in whatever way you wish.) I know exactly what he means, in my early teen years I was a bit of a puritan Christian (you might suppose I am rebelling against that now) but what in this clapper boardworld is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy? God alone is praiseworthy and we live in a fallen world where the most we can do is think about the things that contain elements of these attributes of perfection. I can find of elements of good and excellent things in all the movies I see, even the ones that don’t condemn wrong behaviour. Don’t hear me wrong – I’m not saying I like to go see films with suss content just coz I justify it by looking at its aesthetic qualities and digging for any hint of goodness in it.
But a film is more than (to use Heather’s metaphor) its ingredients. As Christians I think we are called to affirm truth wherever we see it (nodd to my pastor who I stole that off). There should always a place boundaries – for me they are drawn at extreme levels of “inappropriate” content and anything heading quickly towards porn. But we live in a sinful/evil world and I think God would call us to find what is lovely and beautiful in the world he gave us and I hope I’m not stretching this too much to say the same should go for movies.

Soon I think I’ll do a post on dissenting films with some great elements.

JJ said “Whether you’re looking strictly at the content, or the overall context and meaning of the film…folks are going to have different opinions on them. That’s to be expected and appreciated I think… I give [Heather] credit for checking ahead of time, rather than blindly going and then complaining about a film’s content…which I just don’t get.” I like JJ’s point. And sometimes I think the things I can say can come off a bit disrespectful and not appreciative of other people’s opinions. This is far from my intention. If you are a bit worried about the film you’re wanting to see I think it could be worth “checking ahead of time” especially if you’re going to complain about the film’s content afterwards as JJ points out, but in my opinion (I stress my opinion) Plugged In goes too far. That’s partly why GOLD STARS exists.

A list of sins in the movie…good description. I like it 🙂” -Grays. I will not dignify….

Tomorrow’s part 3.

As always, please leave your comments, I reckon we’re all keen to hear your views too…

One Response

  1. Lol.

    You quoted ME???

    Anyway, to explain my meaning of “indulge” – I didn’t mean in a way that I’d be partaking of chocolate truffles straight from France…but in the way I might indulge in a pack of gummie bears, potatoe chips, and coke just to have a break from healthy, appropriate, and RIGHT diet =p

    Does that give you a little more peace of mind on my use of it?

    Took me a bit of reading some of your other posts to actually understand why you’d be persnickety on that word, but I see you value QUALITY of movie and Will Ferrel and Vince Vaughn simply do not fall in that category =p Therefore, “indulge” would not be your choice word for watching such a film ; )

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