Regarding “Any bits to be worried about/know of”

This category is more just letting you know what is in the film – if you make your decision whether or not to view a film based on this criteria (first, you’re putting too much faith in my reviewing capabilities), please don’t!
Its just so you won’t be all embarrassed when you go see the film and then won’t enjoy it! Embarrassment has often gotten in the way of a good viewing experience.

One of the reasons I wanted to do this blog was a response (or protest) to sites like this one, where the film review consists of lists of described “explicit” content rather than any kind of analysis of acting/filmmaking etc.

But I understand that there may be instances where more a series of dot points of classifiable content is useful rather than the general/adult/liberal considerations I give this criteria in the main post, so feel free to ask.
I’ll be happy for the conversation!


2 Responses

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