PosterPlease forgive me for even posting a review about this movie, but I saw P.S. I Love You tonight with a friend, we were both just up for something light, fluffy and most definitely corny.
Off we skipped to my work – where, if you haven’t guessed already, I see all the new movies I wanna see for free – and sat through two hours of mush.

It wasn’t that bad, or, no it was.

THE SET UP? Oddball couple – one American woman (Holly) and one Irishman (Gerry) – are happily yet “foolhardily” married. Then Gerry dies. In the weeks following the death of her husband Holly learns that Gerry left messages for her. She explores these messages over the next year with her friends. Oh! And new love interests abound…

Hilary Swank is Holly. Not for want of trying, but Swank is totally unsuited as a leading lady for romantic comedy fair. Beat me with a wooden stick if you feel like it but Swank’s physical features seem too … masculine/boyish for this type of character. But you can’t blame the girl for trying to break free from the character driven roles in alternate cinema she has been fashioned with Oscars for. Actually, let’s blame her! Hilary Swank return from whence you came, (million dollar) baby!
Gerard Butler is Gerry. Similarly to Swank, Butler falls short but gives it a red hot go. He seemed a round shape for a square hole. It was almost embarrassing watching King Leonidas sleazily strutting around half naked for his wife.
The ensemble cast is rounded out with Holly’s friends played by Lisa Kudrow, Gina Gershon and James Marsters. These three are good. Kudrow, in her best film role in a long time – possibly ever, is genuinely funny.
The film also offers up two possible love interests to the audience for Holly in Harry Connick Jr. (ew) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (much better).

The chemistry between Swank and Butler leaves much to be desired, much. It seems that for such a film that relies so heavily on the satisfaction of its female audience, the producers would try and cast a Holly and Gerry who are believable as an in love married couple.

The boys
WHY SHOULD YOU SEE IT? Most probably I would say give this one a miss. Or suggest it for your mother and her friends. The acting is well, you know. The script pretty shocking and while I would like to award it top marks for technical continuity the ending was too corny for further comment.

WHO SHOULD YOU SEE IT WITH? Anyone! For this one it really doesn’t matter. Girl friends, boy friends, parents. … its all good.

ANY BITS YOU SHOULD BE WORRIED ABOUT? Some medium level making out, Gerard Butler dancing topless in braces and shorts. Hilary Swank’s acting and singing.



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  1. you make me laugh Jessica

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