PosterIgnoring my internal pleas I hired out Little Children the other day. Why? Kate Winslet hello!? She’s suppossed to be great in it, another oscar nom for this role, and its supposed to be a brilliant film and as a film student these are the kinds of films I should be watchings – one’s of critical acclaim despite …..naughty bits. You can see my internal rumblings.
However through films like this I have learned that sometimes its better to just remain ignorant of what may be a brilliant film and phenomenal acting.

INITIAL RANTING: This is a film I would probably recommend to secular fellow film students at Deakin but perhaps not to my mates at YVV. Double standard I know but the content is rather full on and I do kind of wish I didn’t see it.

I consider myself reasonably liberal when it comes to films, indeed I pride myself on my ability to compartmentalize and deconstruct films with “high level” this or that in order to see the good in the film. And mostly I have absolutely no problem doing this as a Christian. However it was a little different with this one.

THE SET UP? Sarah Pierce and Brad Adamson are both stay at home parents, whose partners work and therefore wear the pants in the relationship. Through a series of “unfortunate” events the two begin an affair. In the same neighbourhood a registered sex offender has just been released from jail and has returned home to live with his mother. What happens when Brad’s wife gets suspicious? What happens when the would-be paedophile continually gets harrassed by neighbours at his mother’s house?

If you’ve seen the brilliantly edited trailer you’ll know, a big crash, that’s what!

Sarah and the Moms
Kate Winslet is Sarah Pierce, as always Winslet is her character, however her transformation into Pierce isn’t as strong as some of her other oscar nominated performances (just give her a little gold statue already!).
Patrick Wilson is Brad Adamson, I haven’t really seen enough of Wilson’s movies to gage his acting, however in this role I thought he was quite strong and very convincing as the “house wife” who feels he is slowly being castrated by his wife.
Jennifer Connelly plays Kathy Adamson, Brad’s wife. Now, Connelly already has her little gold statue and she proves her worth in this minimal role through stares and her well delivered dialogue.
Jackie Earle Haley plays Ronnie, the sex offender. The fact that this character still creeps me out and I won’t be able to see this undervalued actor the same in anything ever again is a testament to his brilliance in what would have been a very difficult role.

WHY SHOULD YOU SEE IT? OR NOT? Well as I said, I would probably recommend this one to my film school buddies but not the folks at church. It is a fantastically acted, shot, edited and just a very well made film. Top marks there. But while I feel I was treated to some top shelf film making I kind of wish I hadn’t experienced what I did with this film. To speak frankly, the sex scenes between Winslet and Wilson’s characters isn’t all that bad, I’ve seen worse, but because it is such a well made film, what is shown through this is so much more powerful. But the main reason I wish I hadn’t seen it is because of Earle Haley’s brilliant portrayal of Ronnie and in turn how this is dealt with so famously in the structure and form of the film.

WHO SHOULD YOU SEE IT WITH? If you really wanna put yourself through it, straight shooting film fanatics who know what they’re looking at or your closest friend.


Just because I didn’t like this film so much, it doesn’t mean the film wasn’t good.

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