Welcome to Gold Stars

If you have found this page you have stumbled upon arguably the greatest film review site in the universe!
If only that were true.
However I do feel that there is a place in the world of film reviewing for Gold Stars, a review site that I hope will prove helpful and insightful when it comes to what you’re gonna watch next time you head out to the cinema or video store.

Any number of people are far more qualified to talk about movies than me, check out the list of links on the right for my preferred (and least preferred) reviewers, however I am a final year film student, who adores watching films and is a Christian and can therefore offer perhaps a unique perspective on the whole thing.

NB: Do not expect a Focus on the Family style review of any given film, although perhaps from time to time I might refer (*cough*) to their site.

The basic set up of each review is:

INITIAL RANTING First impressions, info that doesn’t belong in the below categories.

THE SET UP? The initial plot/narrative points of the film, without giving too much away.

THE CAST? Comments on the cast and the acting.

WHY YOU SHOULD (OR SHOULDN’T) SEE IT? The most reviewy part of Gold Stars. Here I will explain my pleadings with you to see or forget about seeing the particular film.

WHO SHOULD YOU SEE IT WITH? Have you ever been sitting in a cinema or in the lounge watching a film with a friend or family members and really wished you chose you’re filmic company better for that film? I have, so I hope this category could be helpful – although it will be totally subjective. NB: I am a particularly sensitive film watcher.

ANY BITS TO BE WORRIED ABOUT? Though I feel like chucking at the thought of basing my decision whether to watch a film on the basis of some … Christian reviewers (see blogroll) moral judgments, I do think their is a place to mention what you might be in for regarding violence, sexuality, language. And by mention I mean just that, note it, not pass judgment on it or (heaven forbid) count the number of swear words. The movie should be about the movie! Enjoy it for what it is, but to make sure you do enjoy it for what it is you can check out this category before you check out the film.

Well for now, feel free to browse for your favourite film in the search bar or comment if there is a film you think needs a review!

Thanks for taking the time to check out this little endeavour!


2 Responses

  1. Your blog has been added to my feed reader. Welcome to a new world of procrastination!

    Hope you’re not just going to blog about movies. Or is that the whole point?

  2. Yeah that’s kind of the whole point.
    Its the only thing I can successfully write about endlessly.

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